Senate Candidate Steve Griffith leads students to Nation’s Capitol for Constitution Competition


Congratulations are in order to the Lincoln High School Constitution Team!  After a difficult day of competition between the top ten finalists, Lincoln took home fourth place over all out of the 52 competitors.  They have worked hard this year and Oregonians should be proud of the way Lincoln represented them at Nationals. Congratulations Lincoln Constitution Team!


Last Thursday, Oregon Senate hopeful Steve Griffith escorted the Lincoln High School Constitution Team to Washington, DC to represent Oregon in the National Competition.  Fresh off the plane and mussed by jetlag, the Constitution Team faced their first round of questions and formidable judges, including state Supreme Court judges, public officials, attorneys and political journalists.  Out of the fifty states, District of Columbia and the Northern Mariana Islands, it was announced yesterday that Lincoln had won Oregon a spot in the top ten and a chance to compete today in the final round for the National title. Steve Griffith could not be more proud of his students and has high hopes for the outcome of the competition.  By this evening, the final results will be in.  Stay tuned!And for those who have not seen it already, the Lincoln Constitution Team has made a blog.  Check it out at:

This week, the Lincoln High School Constitution Team is heading to the National Championship in Washington, DC led by their coach and Oregon Senate hopeful, Steve Griffith.  In the months leading up to their departure, Griffith spent hundreds hours of study with his students at his downtown law office at Stoel Rives LLP.  Each student can now explain concerns like limited government, summarize the current case law under the second amendment, and confidently explain all seven articles and 27 amendments of the Constitution, an immense feat.
Griffith’s current students have been making headlines recently with their state title. His former student have been in the newspapers with their project, “Mission: Citizen”, which helps immigrants on the path to citizenship.  During their studies, the students learned one of the most valuable lessons of Democracy — civics begins with individuals giving back to the community.  They decided to put their knowledge into action, helping immigrants to become legal citizens.  On March 19th, their first student, Chanhsouda Chanthakoun, was sworn in at the Federal Court House.  Watching proudly from the audience was their mentor, Steve Griffith. 
Steve Griffith, though in a heated primary for Oregon Senate District 19, could not be more thrilled to be chaperoning his team to Nationals.  When asked if he worried about the time away from his campaign he explained, “One of the reasons I’m running for State Senate is that I believe every child has the right to a good education.  Education is the goal; running for office and teaching are two direct ways to further it.  The Constitution Team show how much  our youth desire want education and greatness.  I couldn’t be more proud of them.”
Griffith, who was named Teacher of the Week by K103 FM, hopes to take the lessons he is teaching in the classroom to the legislature in November.  He hopes his student’s enthusiasm for the Constitution and civic duty will be a benchmark for him and his fellow legislators as they weigh the heavy decisions that will shape the future of Oregon.
Steve Griffith’s roots run deep in the community with over 30 years of experience as an attorney at Stoel Rives LLP. He served as legal counsel to the Oregon House Judiciary Committee during the 1981 legislative session. He holds a Juris Doctor from Stanford Law School, a Master of Philosophy in Politics from Oxford University, and a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard College. He and his wife Christine have been married 30 years and raised two children in SW Portland. He and his wife have attended St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church for 33 years.

The above photo is of the Lincoln High School Constitution Team after winning State.

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