Tax Day

Tax Day is nearly upon us, and this year more than ever families are feeling the pressure.  As I go door to door and listen to constituents, many tell me that they are struggling to meet their burdens.   They still pay their taxes, though, and with an honesty that separates America from the much of the world.

While taxes are necessary and provide us with valuable services such as: education, public safety and roadways, there must to be a proportion between public goods and private resources.  Government cannot continue to grow while people’s incomes shrink.  Government will lose its legitimacy if it is used by one group to tax another.

Our children know they cannot buy a new video game and expect their neighborhood friends to pay for it; they have to save their allowance.  The Oregon legislature has forgotten these simple economics.  With the recession still pressing us, we need a legislature that will maintain a balanced budget and not promise what it cannot deliver without taking money from employers and hard workers.

The hard times are not over.  We face a time of government austerity – needed austerity.

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