Voter Feedback

Recently, I sent out a survey to voters in my district to ask them what issues are most important to them.  I believe government works best when it responds to the people and that as citizens we have a duty to be actively engaged in Democracy.  There has been tremendous feedback from the survey.  I am deeply impressed by the depth and thoughtfulness of the responses I have received.  Every day on this blog I will post an interesting idea a constituent has sent in.  We welcome your thoughts. 

Voter Idea #1:

“Have students and parents evaluate teacher performances.  The more popular teachers usually turn out to be the better teachers and the ones who care.”

From Julie

Voter Idea #2

 “Increase hours in school, more days of school and less money for football and basketball coaches in public universities.”

From Harvey

Voter Idea #3


From Anonymous

Voter Idea #4

“Allow every Oregon student musical and creative outlets.  More emphasis on science, math, English and reading!”

From Anonymous

Voter Idea #5

“Allow voters to vote every year on whether elected officials get to keep their jobs or not.”

From Aaron

Voter Idea #6

 “Reduce insurance costs for disabled.”

From Anonymous

Voter Idea #7

“Weaken the Teacher’s Union.  Teacher’s #1 duty is to students!”

From Steven

Voter Idea #8

“Reform the unemployment system.”

From Anonymous

Voter Idea #9

“Reduce class sizes.”

From Jaliene

Voter Idea #10

“Tax credits for private schools- check with Arizona for their plan.”

From Anonymous

Voter Idea #11

“Put businesses first.”

From Anonymous

Voter Idea #12

“Cut spending and balance the budget.”

From John

Voter Idea #13

“Make education for students learning to be doctors more affordable by providing the students credits instead of loans which they can work off in clinics.”

From Cliff

Voter Idea #14

“Cut out excess and put learning back in schools”

From Anonymous

Voter Idea #15

Implement performance measures for doctors and hospitals.”

From Anonymous

Voter Idea #16

“Save your energy- We’ll vote for you.”

From Doug

Voter Idea #17

“I’m a union member; Devlin has to go.”

From Ron

Voter Idea #18

“Count on my vote and my family’s vote!”

From Alyssa

 Voter Idea #19

I will not vote for you if electing you means you cannot teach.  If you can still teach, then I’ll vote for you six times.”

From Anonymous

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