Community Newspapers Unanimously Agree …
Steve Griffith is the best choice!

After intensive interviews and research into the candidates, the Oregonian, Willamette Week, Lake Oswego Review, West Linn Tidings and the Tigard/Tualatin Times have all endorsed Steve Griffith for the Senate District 19’s Republican primary.  Steve could not be more thrilled to receive the endorsements.  He is pleased that after many great discussions during the interviews, the newspapers found his experience and approach to issues to be up to the difficult challenges that are now facing Oregon.  Having gained the support of the media and the community, Steve’s is confident that together we can solve Oregon’s problems and become a shining example of education reform and business development.  

  • The Oregonian Endorses Steve!
    “Republican: Steve Griffith. The lawyer and former chairman of the Portland School Board couples his public service and knowledge of the law with a fearlessness about fixing schools.” … “For that, as well as an independent streak that may help get us unstuck in other ways, he gets our vote.” read story
  • West Linn Tidings Endorses Steve!“…we feel that Griffith brings to the seat someone who can work across party lines to achieve the best for all of Oregon.At a time when it seems that too many politicians strictly follow their party’s rhetoric, Griffith appears to us to be the type of candidate to march to his own drum.” read story
  • Lake Oswego Review endorses Steve!“That’s why in this race, we give the nod to Steve Griffith…Having served on the Portland School Board and as a volunteer teacher within the district, Griffith brings an extensive education background to this position. In addition, he has also worked as a probate lawyer for the last 30 years which he says gives him the ability to write good legislation.” read story
  • Tigard/Tualatin Times Endorses Steve!“We give the nod to Steve Griffith, a volunteer teacher, who once served on the Portland Board. Griffith would bring extensive educational background if elected to the state Senate. And he says that his 30 years of employment as a probate lawyer will provide him the skills to write good legislation.Griffith’s priorities include jobs, educational finance and ensuring that government is non-partisan. He would like the state to do a better job of monitoring how its agencies perform, as well as controlling costs.” read story
  • Willamette Week Endorses Steve!“Kremer is smart, but her very narrow focus and lack of civic involvement puts her a distant second to Griffith, a lawyer who served two terms on the Portland School Board.Griffith, whom we endorsed when he ran unsuccessfully for state rep in 2008, also advises the Lincoln High Constitution team and writes wonky reports for City Club of Portland. Perhaps of most potential use to a wannabe lawmaker, he has spent the past 30 years resolving probate disputes among warring family members.” read story
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