Independents For Steve

  • “Steve Griffith is a creative, Hatfield/McCall moderate who takes a bipartisan approach focused on solving problems in the public’s interest. The combination of his intelligence, experience, and ability to build consensus makes Steve the kind of leader Oregon needs today. I strongly support Steve Griffith’s election to the Legislature.”
    - Bob Van Brocklin
  • “I support Stephen Griffith because he is knowledgeable and open-minded about the issues we face and has the passion, ability to work with others, and nonpartisan sensibilities to find practical solutions to problems. He is well-respected from his work as an attorney, as chair of the Portland School Board and from his other extensive community service. His energetic nature, hard work ethic and desire to help other people are exactly what we need and what will serve him well in the Oregon House.”
    - Steve Moore
  • “There are certified smart guys and there are certified smart guys with great ideas and the commitment to follow through. Steve falls into the great ideas and follow through category.”
    - Mark Morford
  • “Steve Griffith is willing to look at issues from all angles and hear all sides. He would be a much needed voice of reason and moderation in the legislature. Steve would build bridges and make things happen.”
    - Don Bingham
  • “Independent, Intelligent, Experienced, Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Dedicated, Honest.

    These attributes describe Steve Griffith. As an independent voter troubled by the current divisiveness of politics and government inefficiency, I think Steve has the qualities we urgently need to transcend party allegiances. All candidates put important concerns on their platform. Steve has actively participated in his concerns. For example, the education and development of young people are important in providing the foundation for a strong community. Steve taught in the Peace Corps in Liberia. He has been a youth soccer coach. He has been a Portland Public School Board Member and Chairman. He has been a volunteer teacher on the Constitution at Lincoln High School. Steve’s maturity and years of experience cannot be matched. I know Steve Griffith can and will thoughtfully listen to the people of his district, bring parties closer together, and help create a more effective government for the State of Oregon.”

    - Tom Nakata

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