Republicans For Steve

  • “I’m a Republican with sensible Republican values, and I support Steve Griffith. I believe in individual freedom in a limited government, where citizens use that freedom to perform public service. We serve in the military or the Peace Corps or Teach for America. The best of us even serve, unpaid, on school boards and city councils. Steve Griffith is living his Republican values. He has served in the Peace Corps. He has served on his local school board, and on nonprofit boards like the Classroom Law Project and the League of Conservation Voters. Now Steve asks to serve in the Oregon House of Representatives, and we can make it happen. To my mind, Steve Griffith is the essence of republicanism, with both a capital and a small “r.” ”
    - Jim Westwood
  • “I share with Steve the desire to bring back our traditional Oregon Republican Party. We need to reach across the aisle to be effective. To do that we, as Republicans, need to be at least within an arm’s length of moderates on the other side. ”
    - Patrick Boylston
  • “I will vote and I encourage other Republicans to vote for Steve Griffith. I think Steve is a rare person in this day of partisan politics. I like how he is willing to work with both sides in order to get the job done. I know he will see that our tax money is spent wisely. We need a guy like Steve Griffith, who knows that government is truly a public service.”
    - Bob Marks
  • “I have known Steve Griffith for over thirty years, and enthusiastically support his candidacy. Like Steve, I have been disappointed with the direction the Republican Party nationally and in Oregon has taken in recent years. In the 1970’s that party had some wonderful leaders — Tom McCall, Clay Meyers, Mark Hatfield, Wendell Wyatt, John Dellenback, Dave Frohnmayer, Norma Paulus — who were sensible, political-middle and thoughtful public servants interested in what is best for our State. But increasingly the party has been pulled into a narrow, doctrinal direction, and seems out of touch with many of us who tend to favor a less intrusive role for government, an emphasis on personal responsibility, and consensus politics. Precisely because Steve seeks to rekindle that spirit within the party, I think his election is critical. He will seek constructive bipartisan solutions. That’s a lot better than lapsing into a one-dominant-party mode or continuing the divisive politics of recent years.”
    - Barnes H. Ellis
  • “To anyone who cares to listen, Steve Griffith is a man of refreshing honor and integrity who has a passion for bringing out the best in young people.”
    - David Bailey
  • “Steve is a breath of amazingly fresh air and great promise on the political scene. He is intelligent, straightforward and determined to provide good, balanced government. If you’re tired of far left and far right battles – fight for the center and vote for Steve Griffith.”
    - John Detjens
  • “Steve Griffith was the coach of our daughter’s neighborhood soccer team. While he wanted the girls to win, it was evident to the parents that it was more important to Steve that he was preparing the girls to succeed in life. Steve is positive, upbeat and enthusiastic – about kids, about people, and about life.”
    - Katie Teach
  • “I am both a lifelong Republican and a lifelong friend of Steve Griffith. I enthusiastically support Steve’s candidacy because I know his character and his agenda as a reformer. He is a breath of fresh air on how we can significantly improve public education. He seeks market oriented solutions for issues such as alternative energy. He is a candidate willing to reach across the aisle and get things done.”
    - Karl Olsoni
  • “There are three qualities that best summarize Steve Griffith: integrity, intelligence, and independent balance. Steve is a shining example of absolute integrity: his word is his bond; he is straightforward, not manipulative; he has an Abe Lincoln-like honesty. Steve’s intellect is amazing: he has an incredible ability to quickly and thoroughly master complex and confusing facts. He writes and speaks with clarity and precision. I would trust his intellect to lead us through the messiest problems of our day. Steve’s leadership is about independence: He listens to everyone’s point of view and crafts careful and balanced solutions; he is not ideological, but analytical. He brings calm to contentious situations in a unique way that inspires the respect and confidence of opponents. At the end of the day, people of different opinions listen to Steve because of these qualities.

    Steve is one of those rare people who are the whole package. I am thrilled that he has chosen to offer himself for public service. He will bring forthright leadership, balance and a thoughtful consideration of the issues to the legislature.”

    - Chris Kent

  • “Steve Griffith makes me proud to be affiliated with the Republican Party. His formidable intellect, discipline, and powers of analysis are just what the legislature needs when it is deciding how to spend our tax dollars. I care passionately about public education, and few candidates could ever match Steve’s understanding of this crucial issue. As a former chair of the Portland School Board, he has a high level understanding of how to support excellence in education. As a volunteer coach of a Constitution class for almost a decade, he is on the ground in the public school system, giving him an appreciation of how policy decisions in Salem affect real students and real families. Steve brings passion and the highest integrity to everything he does. Oregon deserves a leader like Steve.”
    - Alison Brody
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